The most empowering Olympics

The Asian American Athletes at Pyeongchang give me life.

(This was originally posted on the editorial blog of the East Coast Asian American Student Union, read it here.)

I live for the Olympic games every two to four years, ever since the 2008 Beijing opening ceremony changed my life. The pomp and circumstance of the ceremonies, athlete profiles, and feats of human strength always draw me in and rule my life for the next two and a half weeks. This year’s winter games in PyeongChang are no different. In fact my obsession has only been heightened by the amazing Asian American athletes competing this year. Continue reading

Los Angeles optimistic for 2024 Olympics

Looking out at the modest Dedeaux Field on the University of Southern California, it doesn’t appear any more or less remarkable than most other college baseball fields. Much smaller than a full-fledged stadium, but surely large enough for college games. Taking in the bench seats, green field, and classic baseball diamond, it’s hard to imagine the whole thing underwater. However, should the International Olympic Committee chose Los Angeles to host the summer 2024 games, that’s exactly how Dedeaux Field will end up. Continue reading