We Own the 8th: Where Fandom Meets Community

The place for Asian American artists to meet and collaborate.

New media changed the divide between creators and fans, as the ease to create content and give it a home online started a generation of artists with the ability to connect with fans on a more accessible level. New media also opens more opportunities to give voice to communities not represented in the mainstream, seen notably in Lost Angeles, Asian American artists. In this sprawling city, creators meet to network within the community at a number of different professional organizations, but one unique place encourages Asian American artists to come together as a community. Continue reading

When fandom meets community

There’s zero real chance of ever meeting my favorite TV and movie stars, but YouTubers? I could totally meet them. Not only that, I feel like I already kind of know them.

Two days ago, I saw a post from We Own the 8th about their monthly meeting. I’d heard about the Los Angeles Asian American arts collective (because it was partly founded by Dante Basco, aka Prince Zuko, aka my favorite Angsty Boy) and my boss and I went after work. That night featured some short films from locals in the community, a talk from resident Pokemon Go expert Trainer Tips, and a special first episode screening of Wong Fu Production’s new YouTube Red series “Single By 30.” During a Q&A session with Philip Wang and Wes Chan of WongFu afterwards, I started thinking more about new media celebrity and community. Continue reading