Photos from the Boston Women’s March

I’m not taking the next four years sitting down.

Last Saturday, 175 thousand people came together on the Boston Common to join in the international Women’s March. Between the 450 thousand in New York City, 625 thousand in Los Angeles, the 590 thousand in Washington D.C., and the others hundreds of thousands in smaller marches around the country, I think the protest made a point. And on Day 1 of the Trump administration — good, I hope it did. Continue reading

Meet Christine Chen

The behind the scenes force at WongFu Productions now onto create her own outlet for empowering women.

What fans see: the golden hour in beautiful, green park, the yellow light hitting a young Asian American couple at just the right angle over their shoulders as they sit in deep conversation about the state of their future. What Christine Chen sees: filming permits, actor schedules, props, mic cables, staying on schedule, lunch for the crew, and passerby who could disrupt every take. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton does not have to be “nice”

At the tail end of the presidential debate, Trump felt attacked by Clinton’s campaign ads and told her “it’s not nice and I don’t deserve that.”

The first 2016 presidential debate on Monday was Lesson 101 in hate-watching our current political situation. Enough has been said on who won (Clinton), the high and low points, and where Lester Holt disappeared to, but I’m focusing on one overlooked comment in particular. Continue reading