Q&A with Minji Chang: Real talk and stories from one of my favorite podcast hosts

Looking for a heartfelt and honest podcast? Well, “First of All.”

During my semester “abroad” in Los Angeles, I discovered the joys of podcasts. Well, one of my bosses at my internship listened to podcasts all the time and that meant I did too. I have a few subscriptions on rotation, but there’s only a few I go out of the way to listen to when new episodes come out. Continue reading

Brightening my week with the“Perfectly Imperfect” podcast

It’s like if Christine Chen and Regina Fang were you older sisters.

Y’know that feeling when someone tells you the exact thing you just really needed to hear, even if you didn’t know you needed it? That’s what listening to Christine Chen and Regina Fang’s new podcast “Perfectly Imperfect” feels like every week.

Hosts and long-time friends Christine Chen and Regina Fang decided to start “Perfectly Imperfect” as a chance to share their stories as women with others, having honest conversations about life, hopes, success, dreams, and failures. Both women know what it’s like misunderstanding your family, struggling through school, figuring life out post-grad, and working in a boy’s club and want to share their experiences. Continue reading

Meet Christine Chen

The behind the scenes force at WongFu Productions now onto create her own outlet for empowering women.

What fans see: the golden hour in beautiful, green park, the yellow light hitting a young Asian American couple at just the right angle over their shoulders as they sit in deep conversation about the state of their future. What Christine Chen sees: filming permits, actor schedules, props, mic cables, staying on schedule, lunch for the crew, and passerby who could disrupt every take. Continue reading

We Own the 8th: Where Fandom Meets Community

The place for Asian American artists to meet and collaborate.

New media changed the divide between creators and fans, as the ease to create content and give it a home online started a generation of artists with the ability to connect with fans on a more accessible level. New media also opens more opportunities to give voice to communities not represented in the mainstream, seen notably in Lost Angeles, Asian American artists. In this sprawling city, creators meet to network within the community at a number of different professional organizations, but one unique place encourages Asian American artists to come together as a community. Continue reading

Los Angeles optimistic for 2024 Olympics

Looking out at the modest Dedeaux Field on the University of Southern California, it doesn’t appear any more or less remarkable than most other college baseball fields. Much smaller than a full-fledged stadium, but surely large enough for college games. Taking in the bench seats, green field, and classic baseball diamond, it’s hard to imagine the whole thing underwater. However, should the International Olympic Committee chose Los Angeles to host the summer 2024 games, that’s exactly how Dedeaux Field will end up. Continue reading

Anna May Wong’s life and legacy

As a film crew sets up shop in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, a little girl watches with rapt attention. Pestering the crew with questions about the movies and hoping to end up in one, she earned herself the nickname C.C.C., Curious Chinese Child. Years later, her loitering around would pay off when a casting agent in need of Chinese extras put her on screen and launched the career of one of the most successful silent actresses and one of the first Chinese American actresses in Hollywood: Anna May Wong. Continue reading