Thinking of queer attraction as a giant mixing board

I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings about coming out, especially as a cis-gendered straight person. Even though I’ve known and identified as asexual for a few years, in my mind I still saw it as “I’m still attracted to men, thus socially acceptable, so what’s the point?” But  I’ve talked to a lot of my queer friends who’ve encouraged me that being ace is still an important part of the queer community, and you know I’m a sucker for a good “representation matters” story. Continue reading

I’m 23 years old and I still want to be a YouTuber

The glamor and low barriers to entry have effed my perception of success.

You know those memes, tweets, screenshots, or whatever you see on the internet that are a straight knife-to-the-heart attack? It describes the exact situation you’re in and the feelings you’re feeling, and you either “feel seen,” get “exposed,” or simply “it me.” That was me @ this tweet:

Continue reading

Kimono aren’t cosplay

Don’t do it y’all, just don’t do it.

In about two weeks it’s Anime Boston, one of my favorite things ever in the city. Anime fans from all over are spotted across the city in different styles of cosplay, earning weird (almost scared) looks from normal people everywhere. I love cosplay, both wearing it and photographing it. But there’s one trend, specifically in the anime community, that needs to stop: wearing a kimono as a costume. AKA: cultural appropriation. Continue reading

The writing advice that I needed to hear

When I absolutely refuse to write anything, I go back to these words.

I’ve somehow managed to go beyond writer’s block and gone on to writer’s refusal. For various reasons, I just won’t put pen to paper or finger to keys. Over the last few months I’ve tried to do some writer soul searching to fix my problem by reading writing books, bothering people to give me advice, and complaining on my Instagram story. One of those three things works better than the others, and through them I’ve been able to gather a nice little inspirational quote book. Continue reading

Not This Bitch’s President

Well America, we done fucked up.

I talk a lot about the importance of representation. Strong women, Asian American, LGBTQ, POC communities in general. Those are what I want to see, because it means so damn much to look at the media, your government, your neighborhood and feel like you belong. Your existence is valid and your voice will be heard. Last night, we saw the flip side of that. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton does not have to be “nice”

At the tail end of the presidential debate, Trump felt attacked by Clinton’s campaign ads and told her “it’s not nice and I don’t deserve that.”

The first 2016 presidential debate on Monday was Lesson 101 in hate-watching our current political situation. Enough has been said on who won (Clinton), the high and low points, and where Lester Holt disappeared to, but I’m focusing on one overlooked comment in particular. Continue reading

When fandom meets community

There’s zero real chance of ever meeting my favorite TV and movie stars, but YouTubers? I could totally meet them. Not only that, I feel like I already kind of know them.

Two days ago, I saw a post from We Own the 8th about their monthly meeting. I’d heard about the Los Angeles Asian American arts collective (because it was partly founded by Dante Basco, aka Prince Zuko, aka my favorite Angsty Boy) and my boss and I went after work. That night featured some short films from locals in the community, a talk from resident Pokemon Go expert Trainer Tips, and a special first episode screening of Wong Fu Production’s new YouTube Red series “Single By 30.” During a Q&A session with Philip Wang and Wes Chan of WongFu afterwards, I started thinking more about new media celebrity and community. Continue reading

The one-child policy is gone, now what?

This will be a weird post, I don’t have all of my thoughts collected on this yet.

This morning, I woke up to 3 news alerts from the AP, Guardian, and Reuters saying that China had ended its one child policy. I read it, and got quiet. I didn’t really know what to think, but I knew that it had a tremendous affect on me. And that feeling stuck with me for the rest of the day. Continue reading