All my social media thoughts after seeing “Crazy Rich Asians”

I saw an early screening and it totally convinced me the hype is valid.

So hardly a week or so ago, I wrote a big think-piece essay blog type thing about how skeptical I am about my expectations for the upcoming Crazy Rich Asians movie. Looking back, I’ve written a lot about this movie: a satirical dream cast, a presentation about the pressure it’s under, and that last post about hyping it on blind faith.

Well, as of July 30, I can give my full opinion after having finally seen the movie. There was an early screening in Boston for “influencers” (whatever those are) and it included a rush line for normal people to show up and help fill the theater. Last night also featured the author of the book, Kevin Kwan as a special guest, along with Jimmy O. Yang and (my queen) Gemma Chan.

Long story short, I loved the movie. Surprising, yes, but also not really. I was so excited and in love with this movie for so long, I just felt critical and cynical about it because a part of me felt like I had to be. But I’m also not the best judge of media because I am super susceptible to feeling exactly how movies/ TV shows/ books/ media are supposed to make you feel. IE: I’m pretty much unthinking fangirl trash the first time I see anything.

My reactions and thoughts to Crazy Rich are a little scattered through my various social media channels, so instead of doing one big review, I’ll just post it all here.

Here’s my whole Twitter thread that I wrote while on the T back from the theater:









My Facebook post about the white lady who ruined my moment and I will never forgive her:

And finally, my Instagram post after I kinda went wild talking about this movie for so long:

In the end, I will call Crazy Rich Asians a good movie. Not “amazing,” or “life changing” or the “rom-com we’ve been waiting for” or anything too spectacular. I won’t give it any stars or rate it on a number scale. Yes, I loved the movie, but that’s because I’m a really emotional person. But for anyone and everything else, I’ll just stick with good and highly recommend.

Crazy Rich Asians y’all. It’s here. See you August 15.

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